CME Group is the largest market place for derivatives. CME stocks dropped by 25% from the beginning of 2022. The only reason for such a decline is the overall market correction and not any business issues. High volatility is a benefit for the company as it offers the most important derivatives to mitigate financial risks. Among those are the most popular S&P 500 index futures and other indexes linked to derivatives, agricultural products, gold, silver, and crude derivatives. So, the company continues to receive decent profit that allows for the payment of high dividends to its investors.

Free Cash Flow (FCF) of the company in 2022 is expected to hit $2.8 billion. CME is improving its efficiency as every Dollar received in 2021 was converted into $0.48 of FCF, while this year this figure is expected to rise to $0.55, and in 2023 to $0.57. Regular annual dividends is at $4 or 2.3% of share value. CME is also paying interim dividends. By doing so, it paid $3.6 regular dividend and $3.25 interim dividends in 2021, or $6.85 per share, slightly above FCF per share at $6.77.

CME has a solid business model and sound financials without substantial debt. These facts allow the management to take more care of the company’s shareholders. The current overall downside configuration offers great opportunities for investors to add CME stocks to their long-term investment portfolios.