PayPal is a famous fintech company. Its shares have grown steadily from 2016, adding more than 700% by August 2021. However, general market correction whipped away most of the growth, pushing its stock prices to January 2019 levels. 

The company was among the first to offer the “Buy Now Pay Later” option which enabled customers to pay in monthly installments while instantly getting the desired purchase. These installments are interest free with no late fees or additional costs. 

PayPal has around 430 million active clients with wide opportunities of cross-sales, including innovative solutions and crypto products. This is a very distinguishing feature of the company compared to its younger peers that are sacrificing margins to attract new clients. Net Cash Flows of the company is rising and is expected to hit $5 billion this year. According to management’s forward guidance, the company may increase its revenues by 12% year-over-year in Q3 2022 and by 14% in Q4 2022.

The expansion of the e-commerce is one of the strongest drivers for the company’s growth. Online shopping may soon hit $1 trillion in the United States alone, and PayPal is certainly in the eye of this industry with attractive client-oriented payment options and a vast client base.