Many companies continue to seek out hybrid solutions to store some of its data internally. There are many reasons for this, including data security issues and business model transformation issues when it comes to cloud-based solutions. Nutanix understands these issues, as it allows firms to combine cloud-based solutions and internal data storage inside one network.

Nutanix was initially focused on hardware sales, but has emerged as a software seller. This transformation allowed it to boost the gross margin to 83.8%, which is insane. The company reported Q1 2023 revenues up by 10% to $448.6 million with its number of clients up by 9%.

Other figures are even more impressive. The company’s annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) rose by 32% YoY to $1.47 billion, or up by $89 million compared with the Q4 2022. Therefore, clients of Nutanix are increasing their spending and this may result in a significant increase in revenues very soon. The company reported a Net Cash Flow of $42.5 million compared to the negative value of -$20.1 million in the Q1 2022. Nutanix is in the very beginning stages of its expansion as a software company. So, early birds may have strong chances of gaining profit.