Costco Wholesale Corporation has presented quite disappointing earnings report for the Fiscal Q1 2023. Revenues were reported up 8.1% year-on-year to $54.44 billion missing expectations of $54.65 billion. This is obviously not the reason for long-term investors to remove COST stocks from their portfolios as the company is set to maintain strong financial discipline and cost structure, not to stimulate high growth in the short term at any cost.

The operational margin in financial Q1 2022 was at 3.4%, and in Q1 2023 it was 3.2%. Costco is aiming to provide the most reasonable prices on their products to keep their clients loyal. That is why the operational margin is suffering. Meanwhile, EPS was up by 4.4% to $3.1, and membership fees rose by 6% year-on-year. So, the strategy seems to be buying itself.

Inflation in the United States is expected to return under control over the next year. So, there will be no need to deliver various marketing activities like coupon sales and others while loyal clients will be grateful for the support during the period of uncertainty. Costco is planning to open 24 new stores in 2023, increasing its potential to generate revenues.