Procter & Gamble is constantly increasing its dividends for the last 66 years, which is an astonishing record even among famous U.S. corporations that are operating across the globe. The company has a 200 year track record. Investments in such sustainable reputable companies like Procter & Gamble are looking logical in a turmoil periods.

PG share prices declined by 13% from the beginning of 2022 compared to 16% drop of S&P 500 broad market index. Nobody doubt the company’s shares will recover, as prices dropped only in a connection of the market sentiment, but a not financials of the company itself. Despite stronger U.S. Dollar and rising energy prices net sales of PG rose by 5% to $80.2 billion in 2022. The company spent $10 billion on the buyback and $8.8 billion ion dividends in 2021.

Management of the company provides an optimistic forward guidance for the 2023 with 3-4% growth of sales and EPS up by 4%. Buyback program would be continued with $ 6-8 billion reserved for it while dividend payouts would be raised to $9 billion. Such guidance together with a discount share prices by 14% create excellent buy opportunities for investors.