Alibaba stocks are under pressure for a long time amid fears of restrictions from both U.S. and China authorities, and are traded 70% of their peaks. Nevertheless, the company performs well having sustainable financials. The company receive a revenue of $30.68 billion in the Q2 2022. Cloud computing and various IT services related to digital media are playing an important role in terms of revenues.

Alibaba is pushing through with a shares buyback as it gas purchased its own shares in the market for $3.6 billion in the Q2 2022 and for $9.7 billion in 2021 overall. Free cash flows allow the company to push with aggressive buybacks to attract investors.

BABA has been approved for shares’ listing in Hong Kong, which is of paramount importance to eliminate the major risk of delisting from U.S. exchanges.

BABA stocks are traded at $89, the same price as after the IPO in 2015. The is a truly unique investment opportunity for a long run.