The share price of Applied Materials Inc, supplying equipment, software and services for the chip industry, headquartered in California since 1967, gained more than 7% since the beginning of November 2023. It is a clear revival after summertime stagnation.

The company is going to report its Q3 earnings on November 16 and a possible EPS (earnings per share) growth of +28.65% is expected on average by Wall Street. The investing crowds usually like corporations, which are able to generate a high return on assets. The profit dynamics of Applied Materials forms an uptrend slow and steady, and its shares climbed nearly 50% year-to-date.

Besides, Applied Materials would pay a dividend of $0.32 per share on December 14, which corresponds to the annual dividend yield at +0.91%. To be eligible to receive the dividend payment, investors need to own AMAT shares before November 22. As the company continues to pay dividends for the last 19 years, this makes it an additionally attractive object for investors.

A pre-dividend and post-earnings period may give the stock a potential to test its September highs at $155, compared to less than $142 at the moment.