Even a short journey does wonders for the brain. Besides getting a real adventure, I had a chance to look back at my investing activity to rebuild plans better. Eventually I sold my very old block of 45 Disney shares to free up more than 4,000 USD to change it quickly for 3 shares of Netflix (NFLX), 2 shares of NVIDIA, 2 shares of Adobe Systems (ADBE) and 1 more share of CrowdStrike (CRWD). I also sold all my relatively small pack of banking stocks except JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM), as the financial segment rose solidly in December on Fed-related expectations, but may turn to fall again. I will think more of how to find use for this money. As for JPM, I leave it in peace thanks to its strong quarterly report today, with no promise that other US banks will be as good.

The House of Mouse is standing idle, when a growing part of its audience that is hating new Little Mermaid and other premieres for their unoriginality, stamped style and too much focus of the woke agenda. The same people are still addicted to Netflix subscription, helping Netflix stock to aim for seemingly higher target prices. Netflix freshly added another 3.8% this week, led by news that its ad-supported tier reached more than 23 million active users per month globally. I feel it would rather break through $500 technical resistance after its Q4 report on January 23 late night, if compared with similar prospects of Disney. $550 or even $600 could form the next possible stop for Netflix.

As to NVIDIA, it is a widely recognized leader of the AI rally, while CrowdStrike is among the major beneficiaries of this market fashion for big data, chip and cloud businesses. It continues to hit multi-month highs, yet still have space to grow, while Adobe is trading at more than 5% discount vs its pre-Christmas record price peak ($595-600 area compared to $633).