Native token of Solana blockchain protocol skyrocketed by 12,000% in 2021 thanks to the various technological innovations that it was introduced to, and it is now in great demand compared to crypto market oldies like Ethereum. The market cap of Solana is only 7% of the Ethereum, bearing a great potential behind it.

A famous crypto billionaire and founder of Alameda giant investment fund Sam Backman-Fried is backing up the development of Solana. He is well known for his FTX crypto exchange foundation, a major rival to the number one Binance crypto exchange. So, any perspective projects within the Solana network have easy access to funds and this is extremely positive for the entire Solana network. The digital industry is favouring such backups as large investors with huge resources that can support coin prices and network marketing campaigns. The current correction of the crypto market is considered by crypto enthusiasts as a good opportunity to add Solana to their long-term portfolios with 85% discount. If token prices recover to their peaks, it will mean a profit of 550% .

The major advantage of Solana is considered to be its Proof-of-History technology that aligns all network transactions chronologically. Solana’s blockchain is the only one that has the ability to sort transactions in this way. Other advantages of the protocol are distribution of the block information among validators to increase the network’s processing capacity, parallel functioning of smart contracts, processing transactions without mempool (a location where unconfirmed transactions are stored), the horizontal structure of accounts data base, and many others.