Zoom stocks dropped by 85% off their peaking prices and are unlikely to recover to these peaks any time soon. But the risk around profit ratio seems to be very tempting. The company is generating high profit with net cash on the balance of $5.4 billion, which is above 25% of its current market cap. The company’s operational margin is at 36.2%. The company has spent $1 billion on a buyback, which is not very impressive. But management is concentrating on development, and not on rewarding investors now.  Management expects revenues of $4.455 billion for the full-year FY 2023, which is only 1.3% above the 2022 level. So, Zoom has no more steam to astonish investors with rampant growth figures, but it does still generates quite remarkable financial results with estimated non-GAAP income of $1.626 billion in 2023, beating consensus by 5%. The company is planning to improve margins further, including staff cuts by 15% this year. The major of the risk comes from its rival Microsoft Teams. Zoom’s management is seen to be focused to continue product development and investments while taking leadership as a reliable and outstanding product among corporate clients.