The mission of Beyond Meat is to reduce meat consumption and to improve people’s health and environment. This is the narrative management is using. However, the main reason for its clients to buy artificial meat is to taste something new, and not to accept vegetarian culture. So, the company’s profit, that was rising during booming times, is now deteriorating amid rising costs, falling real wages, blistering inflation, and reluctance of the public to spend money on gastronomic specialties. Beyond Met’s management decided to reduce prices in order to keep its clients satisfied. But the situation has become even worse as revenues started to decrease while margins are stalling. The Q4 2022 revenues are down by 20% year-on-year to $79.9 million sending gross margin to a negative -3.7%. The company has only $309 million in cash on its balance sheet with more than $1.13 billion of convertible debt. The company “burned” $309.7 million of net cash flows in 2022, and is heading straight towards the need for additional borrowings, which will be difficult and costly to get amid high interest rates and tight borrowing conditions. Sometimes market turbulence can lead a company to a collapse if it is already on the brink of serious financial disorder. So, even a crash of the former hyping unicorn would hardly surprise investors.