Splunk is an American firm that specialises in monitoring and analysing machine-generated data in real time. Its stocks lost 55% of their peaks. The company bet on further business digitalisation amid AI developments and the automation of routine processes.

The service was primarily used to detect anomalies in networks and other cyber security issues just a few years ago. But now the company has become one of the favourites for many clients from different sectors that need to analyse performance and network data. Splunk has an advantage when it comes to the visualization and focus on performance issues of servers, workstations, phones, and other digital devices, as well as analysis presentation.

Splunk charges clients per used capacity and has a huge expansion potential amid the introduction of more complex, digital solutions. Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) rose by 16% YoY to $3.72 billion. This rise meant the company is successfully increasing payments from its existing clients. The company has only 35% of its revenues generated outside the United States, making geographic expansion another source of potential significant to boost revenues.