Lockheed Martin is another U.S. military tycoon that is heavily dependent on U.S. military contracts. Financial results of the company for Q3 2022 are very strong. Free Cash Flow (FCF) rose by 62% year-on-year to $3.13 billion. So, it is no surprise that LMT shares have traded close to their all-time highs. Moreover, they have a lot of growth drivers, including a long-term contract with Pentagon on F35 deliveries. The management even considered to increase its own buyback program from $4 to $8 billion.

Such stocks could be considered to be safe haven shares in times of a crisis amid geopolitical tensions. The company also has lasting contracts for Sykorsky helicopter deliveries, anti-missile defence systems, and space equipment.

Companies like Lockheed Martin have secured contracts for many years to come that would continue to generate cash even in times of crisis. Even more military contracts are expected like the one made by the U.S. Navy for aircraft carrier equipment for $765 million. The U.S. government is committed to increasing military spending, which may mean a golden age for military contractors. In such circumstances LMT stocks may add another 10% in the near future.