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Customer service center

Welcome to the Customer Service Center, here you can find answers on your questions and get help from our team. We are working 24/7 to make your investing simple.
We are here to help you
Urgent support +442045773260
Metadoro Support @Metadoro_EN_bot
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RHC Investments is registered at office at 3 Emerald Park, Trianon, Quatres Bornes, 72257 Republic of Mauritius.
pr@metadoro.com Contact for media inquiries
We are happy to answer your most frequently asked questions.
Does Metadoro have a license?

Sure. Metadoro is licensed as a full-service investment dealer (excluding underwriting) by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (license Nr. C115015381).

You can find more information about it in our legal documents https://metadoro.com/company/documentation

Do you offer any special promotions?

Yes! Currently we have promotions by promocode. Follow us on your favourite social network not to miss any promotion opportunities!

What can Metadoro offer me?
  1. Self-trading on MT4 or MT5.

  2. Long-term investments in Indices, ETFs, Stocks, Energy, and Crypto.

  3. Affiliate programs (Revenue sharing, Introducing broker, Affiliation network).

  4. Metadoro's online-trading academy.

    Not sure what to choose? Feel free to contact: https://metadoro.com/

How long does a deposit/withdrawal take?

Usually deposits are processed within 15 minutes after funds reach our account. 

Withdrawals take one (1) business day. Please note that once the Company is executed the withdrawal, the payment system you chose will process the withdrawal on its side.

How does Support Team work?

Support Team works 24/7. You can contact the team via phone, online chat, Telegram, email, or a ticket via your Client Area. You can find contact information above.

How long does the KYC process take?

Usually, it takes about 15 minutes to process your registration. But it may take a little longer during our busy hours.

Don't hesitate to contact Support Team for more information after a reasonable time is up.

What identification documents do I need to provide?

To pass the KYC process successfully, you need to provide the following information:

  1. Proof of identity: passport, national identification card (ID card), driver’s license, or residence permit. It should be a clear, good quality, full-sized color scan copy or photo of this identity document.

  2. Proof of address. It can be a utility bill (Internet, television, water, electricity, or gas); a bank or credit card statement (not a screenshot from the internet); a local tax authority bill or an equivalent document (signed and sealed); or any other official document issued by a local authority (it should be different from the document submitted as ID). Please note that the issue date should not be older than three months.

  3. Sometimes we may ask you to provide a selfie (for security purposes only).

Can’t receive phone verification call/sms

The following issues may prevent you from receiving your code:

  1. You entered your phone number incorrectly in the Client Area.
  2. The network is busy. Please try again after 30 minutes.
  3. Click on the Get Code button too often. Please try again a bit later (at least 5 minutes).
  4. Your security software blocked a call. Please disable this software and restart your phone.
  5. Your phone bill is in arrears, or the phone's storage is full.
  6. Your mobile signal is insufficient at your location.

Please contact support@metadoro.com in case you still are unable to receive the code.

Do you offer physical stocks?
Yes, with Metadoro investing account you would be able to invest in exchange traded physical stocks and ETFs.
You can also ask your question in a form below
We will get back to you as soon as possible.